At the eastern part of the Aegean, far from mainland Greece and near the coast of Asia Minor, you will find Symi, an island of unique charm. Due to its proximity to Rhodes, Symi, both in the past and present, is dependent on the largest island of the Dodecanese. From Rhodes you can take the ship and arrive at Symi after 1.5 hours. The view is breathtaking: A neoclassical settlement of wonderful houses with colorful facades that is built on rocks. The main town of Symi consists of two settlements with indistinct boundaries, Yialos (port) and Village (the slope). It is the largest neoclassical settlement of Greece and maintained in excellent condition. The walk through the streets is a unique experience and you will be amazed by the elegance of the mansions.

The mountainous island has a complex coastline of capes and sheltered bays and many islands and islets scattered around the coast. Although there are spectacular beaches, like on every other island, Symi will fascinate you with its landscape and crystal clear waters. The road network is rather limited with 22 km. asphalt road to connect the port of Yialos to the port of Panormitis and some branches leading to other picturesque villages of the island such as Emporio, Pedi and Marathounta. Therefore, if you want to explore the coast of the island you will need to do this by sea, either with your own boat or a tourist boat.

The residents of Symi are mainly merchants and sailors, but also excellent at woodcraft and shipbuilding. Nowadays, they also choose professions that serve directly or indirectly the tourism of the island. You should definitely visit the island to enjoy their good hospitality and a magical holiday experience.

How to get there:

By boat: Symi is very close to Rhodes, so the best way to get there is by going to Rhodes first.  From there you take the boat to Symi. The trip lasts an hour and a half. Also, there are itineraries from Piraeus but only twice a week and the trip to Symi takes 16 to 18 hours.