Approaching Yialos we see Symi from a distance. It has been proclaimed a historically  preserved settlement. All houses, two storey and three storey, with tiled roofs and balconies share a common feature: the ocher color of their walls and their brown windows.

At Yialos you will be impressed by the Clock (built in 1881), the statue of Michael, the little fisherman, and the bell tower of Evangelistria. Next to the clock, there is the Police Station, the Post, cafeterias, shops with folk art, taverns and rooms to let. Here you will also see the “Peristeri tis Eirinis” statue (="Peace Dove") by Kostas Valsami.

The two sides of the harbor are united by a beautiful stone bridge. The Customs Office and the Fish Market are located in the same area, too. Don’t forget to visit Kampos Square where you can see the Memorial and the statue of Michael Volonakis, History professor. In the square you will also find the Town Hall and the Navy Museum of Symi. Near the square there is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which was built in 1838.