Archaeological Museum of Symi

The archaeological collection is housed in a traditional Symi mansion of Yianneskis family which was given as an endowment to N. K. Pharmakidis, tradesman and vice consul on Symi. It was given to the Greek state by Ariadne B. Pharmakidis and Sevasti N.Farmakidi. In the exhibition you will see a representation of the interior of a Symi house with its dining and living room (furniture, crockery, paintings and photographs of the period), as well as traditional local costumes.

The museum houses the following collections:

  • Archaeological collection of findings of the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman period
  • Byzantine collection
  • Folklore collection

Open hours

  • Daily, 08:30-15:00


  • Full fare: €2
  • Reduced fare: €1
Symi, 856 00